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Why Buying Stripes From Us?

Our stripes and letter decals are fresh cut right after you placing order with us. Therefore, you get a fresh cut stripes and they will be easy to install. Other vendors “mass” cutting them and put on the shelves to cut cost. The result is that some stripes will be on the shelves for 3 months, a year, or longer. When you receiving them, they are really hard to install or unable to install!

We are proud to list all the product pictures from our beloved customers and not like other vendors using our cropped out logo pictures as theirs!
Why we’re listing all the vinyl brands we are selling for each of our products while other vendors are hiding what you are getting! We are confident to sell you the best fit, the best quality vinyl stripes available in today market compares to other vendors, are trying to cut cost selling cheap vinyls.

Most of other vendors are only listing the colors but would not tell you what brand of the vinyl. Why are they doing that? Because they don’t want you to know what vinyl brand you are getting. Beside that, if even asking, they would not tell you the vinyl series. We are all owning at least a Corvette and we do know the different between a Chevrolet Corvette and Chevrolet Spark. Imagine if your question is:”What car do I get?” and the answer is:”You will get a Chevrolet!” would not give you enough information. Therefore, a vinyl brand is not enough information!
All of our highest grade vinyls are paint alike gloss finish except if you want matte or satin finishes, which are all available. If you ordering from somewhere else, making sure that your get the same paint alike gloss finish.

Made of 3M 1080, Avery 900 Supercast, Avery Supreme, Oracal 970RA, and Oracal 951 vinyl, three of the most expensive, longest lasting vinyl brands on the market today, these stripes have enjoyed very good success and excellent real world customer feedback on various internet forums: corvetteforum.com, digitalcorvettes.com, stingrayforums.com, z06vette.com, etc …
If you want different brand vinyl, we can have it for you!
Please find below for more vinyl information!

We are producers and designers. We are not re-sellers so there is no middle man!

If you don’t see the style you are looking for, please contact us and we’ll design it for you!

Dedicated to stripe your Corvettes!

At VetteStripes since 2001, you’ll find many great Corvette stripe designs for your Corvettes C3, C4, C5, C6, C7 and many more generations coming soon. We specialize Corvette graphic, Corvette decals, Corvette stripes, and Corvette pin stripes. We have C7 Corvette Stingray Z06 Stinger Hood Stripes, C7 Corvette Stingray Z06 Full Length Racing Stripes, C7 Corvette Stingray Z06 fender hash marks, C6 Corvette stripes, C6 Z06 Corvette stripes, C6 Z06 427 stripes, Corvette Ron Fellows stripes, Corvette GT1 stripes, C5 Corvette Stripes, C5 Z06 Corvette stripes, Corvette Commemorative stripes, C4 Corvette stripes, Corvette Grand Sport (Grandsport) stripes, Corvette GS stripes, Corvette Racing stripes, sign marker blackout, and many other Corvette stripes.

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Vinyl Brief Information

As stated above, we are using the best vinyl available in today market. They are even better than OEM from GM. GM does not make vinyl so they just have some local shop making stripes for them.
Remember why most of us buying a Corvette! It is the best bang for your buck super sport car! Therefore, GM will not get you the best vinyl out there for your stripes but they get the best bang for your buck stripes.
As for me, I am using the best vinyl available to have the best matches for OEM colors. Sometime you see this color in 3M and some time you see that color in Avery or Oracal because each vinyl brand has their own colors. They are not the same even in white vinyl.
Just like our Corvettes, best bang for your buck! You cannot get any better vinyl at anywhere else! This is it! You are getting the best stripes for your Corvettes unless you step up to paint your stripes which I do have all stencils for all of my stripes!

We are using only 2 series for each brand: Supercast high performance vinyl and Wrap vinyl.
– Supercast high performance vinyl (Oracal 951 and Avery 900): this type of vinyl has been in the market for more than 20 years.  When I started my business in early 2000, it is available and I have started using it since. It is high gloss paint alike looking and only 2 milliliter (mil) thickness. For cast vinyl, the thinner the vinyl is the better the quality. I have some customers/installers who haven’t used it and complained that I sold them cheap thin vinyl . It is opposite, it is thin so it allows  UV to pass thru so it won’t damage your paint.
Supercast vinyl is from 6 years (metallic colors), 8 years (colors), and 10 years (black & white) durability.
– Wrap vinyl (3M 1080, Oracal 970RA, and Avery Supreme): this type of vinyl has recently introduced to the market about 5 years or so ago. You have recently seen many car owners wrapped their cars to a none factory colors. It is the same type of material I am using to cut your stripes.
The wrap vinyl is not better than supercast vinyl but it is easier to install because it is thicker (3.5 mil) and has air release so it can also be installed dry. I have tested out many years as 3M 1080 and Oracal 970RA can be installed wet and dry; however, Avery supreme is only suggested to installed dry.
Wrap vinyl is from 5 year (Patterns/textures/metallic colors)  and 7 year (colors/black/white) durability.
– The durability is for cars parking outside 24/7/365. If you are taking good care of your Corvette by always washing it, parking it in the garage, etc … your stripes will last really long. I have a 1998 Corvette and my stripes got installed in 2001 which are over 15 years old now; however, they look like the day right after they got installed. That was 18 years old supercast vinyl which has improved so much better nowadays!