Q) What colors do you have?
A) We have more than 200 colors available. If your color isn’t listed, please ask.

Q) How do I check out all the available colors?
A) You can look up yahoo yellow page, find a local sign shop, and asking for Avery, Oracal, or 3M 1080
catalogs. I am using Avery 900 series, Oracal 951, and 3M 1080 vinyl.

Q) I have called up couple local sign shops but they don’t have Avery catalog. Can you send me one?
A) Yes, I can send you a catalog. Please click on Color Req button on the left hand side.

Q) Can I install the stripes by myself?
A) Yes, just take your time.

Q) Is the installation really hard?
A) No, it is very easy since it is a “wet application” – you have a few minutes to move
the stripes around once they are on the car but not in perfect place yet.

Q) Are the areas where the C5 “flags” emblem is located on the decklid and nose of the
car already cut out on these decals?
A) Yes, they come pre-cut. If you request it, we can also leave them solid if you have or
plan to remove your emblems.

Q) Can you extend the stripes so they will work with my new rear spoiler?
A) Yes.

Q) Can you do these stripes or graphic for me if I provide a picture or drawing?
A) Yes.

Q) Do you have picture of blue on silver C5’s?
A) No, I don’t have. If you don’t see the picture you are looking for on my website which means I don’t have that picture. I am learning “photochop” and I will update this page as soon as I can chop them.

Q) Do the Classic 1 stripes go over the roof & down the back?
A) Yes, all of my kits include hood, roof, and trunk pieces.