Q) What colors do you have?
A) We have more than 300 colors available. If your color isn’t listed, please ask.

Q) How do I check out all the available colors?
A) If you have some certain colors in mind, please let me know and I may send them for free if those are popular colors. If you must check all of them, then please request the catalog here: http://www.vettestripes.com/shop/corvette-custom-logo/avery-catalog-to-check-out-all-colors/

Q) Are your stripes the same quality as GM OEM stripes?
A) No, my stripes are way better than GM OEM stripes. I’m not trying to bash our beloved Corvettes; however, we own at least one Corvette so we know our Corvettes are best sport car for money. It is not best quality sport cars. All the rattles, orange peel paint, panels are not aligned properly, etc … And most of us come to phrase it as “IT IS GM QUALITY!”. So to conclude, GM quality is not that great! My vinyl brands and series are the best in the car graphic industry! We are using top 3 vinyl brands Oracal, Avery, 3M with best series available from those 3 brands: Oracal 951, Oracal 970RA (wrap), Avery 900, Avery Supreme (wrap), and 3M 1080 (wrap). For GM, they using a generic shop to make vinyl for them.

Q) Are your stripes better than other vendors?
A) They are much better!!! I own a Corvette so I know corvette owners are only looking for best possible quality while other vendors try to cut cost and use the lowest cost vinyl. If you don’t trust me, please request free samples from me and also request samples from other vendors to compare. Other vendors don’t even offer to send you samples!

Q) Can I wax my stripes or how can I keep it looks like new?
A) To keep your stripes look new, just wash your car regularly and dry it off after washing. Try to avoid waxing the stripes as much as possible. Waxing stripes won’t make it shinier but will age it faster since wax is designed for paint. You cannot wax on carbon fiber stripes. To wax your car, you can buy 3M 3/4″ blue masking tapes at Home Depot to tape around the outer edges of your stripes and wax the whole car. Peel the masking tape off right away.

Q) Can I install the stripes by myself?
A) Yes, just take your time. Please check out my instruction page for some videos.

Q) Is it wet or dry installation?
A) Even with wrap materials which you can apply them dry, I would suggest to install all stripes using wet installation since you can move your stripes around to correct placement easily!
Watch my YouTube videos under instruction to see how I installed wrap material and super cast material using wet application.

Q) Is the installation really hard?
A) No, it is very easy since it is a “wet application” – you have a few minutes to move
the stripes around once they are on the car but not in correct placement yet.

Q) Are the areas where the C4,C5,C6,C7 “flags” emblems are located on the deck lid and nose of the
car already cut out on these decals?
A) Yes, they come pre-cut. If you request it, we can also leave them solid for planning to remove your emblems.

Q) Can you extend the stripes so they will work with my new rear spoiler?
A) Yes.

Q) Can you do these stripes or graphic for me if I provide a picture or drawing?
A) Yes.

Q) Do you have picture of blue on silver Corvette?
A) No, I don’t have. If you don’t see the picture you are looking for on my website which means I don’t have that picture.

Q) Do the stripe packages go over the roof and down the back?
A) Yes, all of my kits include hood, roof, and trunk pieces for coupes and hood, part or full waterfall, and rear for convertibles. If the stripes are called hood stripes, then they are only for hood!