Do Not Buy From Vette Mods

  • They are not my vendor. They are using my pictures stolen from my website (cropped out my logo and such). Each company business card is so important but they even stole my picture to use as their business card picture. With that stolen mentality, you can guess what their business strategies, “stealing your money” and don’t care about their products! Coincidentally, most the pictures they had stolen from me were taken from my very own driveway!
  • Look at their reviews on Yelp (1 start rating), Sitejabber (3 starts rating), and BBB (3.5 stars rating) rating:,, BBB reviews.
  • Why we are listing all of our vinyl brands/series we are selling? Because they are the best vinyls out there. I have had some customers brought their products over for installation and found out they are using intermediate vinyl series (about $3/yard while my vinyl is about $30/yard) which is not glossy, would last only couple years. They don’t sell fresh cut stripes which will be hard to install. Their fitments are garbage. When customers saw my vinyls, they could see day and night between the two products. If you don’t believe me, request my free samples and request their samples (I don’t think they would send you samples) to compare!
  • As a Corvette owner, I always want to get the best products for my Corvette so I also offer the best vinyl stripes to Corvette community! Also as a Corvette owner, I want to help other Corvette owners do not to get bad quality products from Vette Mods.